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  • $AUDJPY standing strong looking for the long

    Looking for price to bounce on the daily demand zone from 86.20 down to 85.47. Price needs to tell me that it's bottom out here before I can buy it in the direction of the trend. […]

  • NQ Big W

    BIG W. Buy Target […]

  • NZDUSD shaping an inverted shoulder head shoulder pattern...

    ... which is close to an relevant support level... […]

  • AUDUSD: working on the channel up

    AUDUSD: working on the channel up wave 3 up . Less is more! […]

  • gbpjpy bat

    possible bat […]

  • Gold Sell

    Gold S […]

  • Short ETH

    Short ETH […]

  • Gold Sell

    Gold S […]

  • Ichimoku Daily Health Check (1hr chart)

    What a awesome week for battles between Bulls and Bears. Bulls showed such unstoppable power at the start of the week after a long couple of weeks of domination from Team Bears.Hopes were made, could the Bulls finally take us out of the ranging environment that 2017 has given us, time will tell...Attached are charts from three different time frames showing the overall health of market for the day (my opinion) from a Ichimoku perspective. I do these every day anyway but thought I'd share as I get direct messages from time to time asking to check Ichimoku trades (which I don't mind) and thought posting these may help answer some questions no matter how you trade.I trade mostly the 1Hr time frame but use all time frames to adjust my predictions. (Any questions are welcomed, somethings I miss things as I do this on a few charts each morning).Good Luck today traders. I hope you have a great weekend. […]

  • Daily candle analysis

    The Daily candle shows that a change of trend is possible. First support at 3550 could be broken. If that happens we go to the support at around 3150 that means a 50% correction. The Hammer two days ago showed the end of the rally. This new daily candle is the confirmation. Tell me your opinion. […]